Blue Glitter Snowflakes

More snowflakes!

For the base i used 2 coats of CC Trippie Hippie.
This is a medium cobalt with a slightly frosty finish.

For the thumb and ring finger, i added a coat of CG Fairy Dust.
This is a delicate holographic glitter top coat that glitters insanely in the light.
I then stamped the snowflakes in white and added a few gems.

The pointer and pinky have 1 coat of CG Bells Will Be Blinging“.
This is a clear base with turquoise micro glitter, small gold hex glitter, and holographic bar glitter. 
I didn’t realise how much coverage you get with 1 coat, awesome!

The middle finger i simply stamped a plain white reindeer.

Happy polishing xoxox

blue snowflakes